“No Woman Gets an Orgasm from Shining the Kitchen Floor”

Hi my name is Zydra

I am here to help you unleash your potential by tapping into your sexual energy. Now you might say why do I need this? Sexual energy is your life force and impacts you on all levels starting from your ability to orgasm, to health to relationships and even career. It can transform your life from grey and dull into magnetic and vibrant colour.


How do I know? Because I did it! I studied Tantra and Tao for past 10 years in Asia. I went from culturally traumatized and disconnected person to fully embodied, confident woman. By tapping into sexual energy and learning how to control it opened me up for a new level of joy and pleasure. I went from emotional and physical pain to experiencing earth sharreting orgsmas, to healing endimitriosis, to living in thailand, Spain and having a child, to inner sexual confidence and a different level of inner peace.


About 75% of women can’t reach orgasm not at all or consisently. This means there is still so much quiet suffering in the world. Pain pain pain Now times are changing and women have more opportunity to explore their sexuality. Its no longer a taboo and a cool conversation to have at the party!


Any woman can experience Full Body Orgasms and dramatically enhance her Life as a result. Its a Learnable skill. Its opening your mind and your body to your full potential.


I am here to tell you its learnable and you can change this now! And there is nothing wrong with you. You can do this at your own home.

Let me Show you How

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Blocked sexuality costs you dearly. It can mean emotional and physical pain, blocked creativity, lack of energy and radiance and stifled enthusiasm.

Do you feel your body is numb? you feel unworthy of pleasure? you are uncomfortable with your body? You feel pain during intercourse? you lost your zest for life? Or sexual desire? or simply you don’t know what a heck to do with your body to feel pleasure and feel stressed out about it? yet inside you know your potential is sex lioness that is ready to be unleashed. If you’re floating around through life knowing you’re in need of change because you’re feeling unfulfilled and yet you are wondering what’s next for you, like having gone thorough a major relationship shift, or you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, ladies, congrats, you are in the right place.


Whether you’re a woman in the middle of your career, a stay at home mom, or busy corporate lady, entrepreneur, single or in not so hot relationship, my programs are designed to unlock the sensual goddess within you, get you back on track by transforming your life into the perfect dessert you always wanted: an unmatched decadent life full of sizzle, happiness and focus.


Tapping into your sexual potential you will unleash a different potential of YOU. As a result illuminating all areas of your life starting from health, sexuality to relationships, and even your professional potential. Its moving from surviving into thriving.


You don’t need to give up anything in the pursuit of Pleasure.


All you need are two things:

1) your desire to change and,
2) access to timeless traditions and proven techniques to change your habits and tap into your sexual energy.


Are you ready to take REAL, habit changing actions steps for experiencing PLEASURE and orgasmic life that you Love?