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Hi I am Zydra

You know, back in the day of “unsensual” living, chilling was not on my agenda when I worked morning to late nights. I was on an ego adrenaline energy that burned me in the end and cost me a few years of terrible misery. I am sure you can relate to this. Not to mention, I am sure some of you also experienced health challenges that were attached to a stressful “unsensual” life. And no matter what pills you swallow, nothing seems to make life better.


I found that this is not to be corrected by drugs and chemicals, but by taking the bull by its horns. For me its was to choose a different route in life. That is more of grace and creation. Acknowledging that I am a woman and that I require pleasure from life. Awakening all my senses. In other words Sensual Living. This is how I recharge.


I believe world can be a better place by more woman knowing pleasure. A sensual spiritual energy has a potential to heal and open the heart to love more, to enjoy more, to connect deeper, to create and evolve. Imagine women leaders embodying these qualities?


I am here to empower women through sexual power to love self, to love life and create new era based not only on economic priorities but on human potential born from love, inner power and confidence, unlimited creativity.


I enjoy creating community based on these values as I see people’s potential skyrocket once they find that magic fuel.


My previous life was work and little pleasure. I was raised that way. Post-war parents only knew how to survive but not thrive. If I couldn’t feel love it means I couldn’t love others. There wasn’t much to give. And in this busy, fast technological advancement era we are hungry for senses, care, emotional support and love. I was so desperate and hungry I tried different things and nothing worked till I happened to stumble upon ancient asian techniques that taught me about sexual energy.


How I went from overworked “good” girl to experiencing satisfying full body orgasms that spilled into my life in general.

Life before Full Body Orgasm…

My life journey started from simple beginnings in Soviet Lithuania. I immigrated to Canada at age 19 with the biggest drive to survive and build future with material abundance. Once I finished university, my student loans were paid off and I hooked a well-paying job, I realized a major thing. I wasn’t happy.


Then, a new journey began –


I built a real estate business and worked my ass off to do it all!


Still I wasn’t happy. I felt stuck. I was unfulfilled. After two big attempts at happy life I was wondering, is this all there is to life?


I quickly realized I have gone wrong way!


Where is a woman in all this, Where is intimate relationship, where is orgasm or anything resembling it? I see myself successful but miserable in the heart. In fact my health deteriorated. I lacked energy or desire for life. I hit a major dead end or at least it felt like it.


In relationships the weakest link was unable to connect. How could I if I was disconnected from myself? I couldn’t orgasm constantly thus thinking something is wrong with me and my body. Feeling so not confident that subject of sex was off any conversation. I was too shamed to even think about it. There was so much pain around this subject. For failed relationships silently I blamed myself.

Life After a Big O

What happened?

Living in Tantric community I discovered how to transform myself through sexual energy so I wouldn’t have to be a wallflower of my life, passing by each day and its like I never lived or amounted to much to exciting, passion and love driven life with a purpose.


Loving my body was such a sore point in my life. I grew up thinking, “I am big, my thighs are too big, my boobs are too small.” I was so uncomfortable with my naked body that I had stored anger into my thighs and my heart couldn’t be accessed by anyone. Anything below my head was literally frozen.


If you had asked me back then, what is it to be a woman, I couldn’t tell you. I thought I was frigid and I could never enjoy sex or feel anything until I jumped into…


Sensationally ALIVE


And I had an epiphany. I discovered that:


I have a big heart, not big thighs


I am outstandingly beautiful when I smile


I am a passionate woman who can feel a lot of joy, love and sexual pleasure.


I love being a sensual woman and I am not afraid of that!


Physical energy is more important than looks or what you wear.


A sensationally sensual ALIVE woman radiates outwards vitality, beauty and love. It is like a magnet.


I am living proof of healing and magnificence that occurs when one aligns with the full spectrum of woman’s nature. There is certain grace and joy in fun synchronicities in daily life from small things like parking spot opening for you in perfect time or Tuesday deciding I need a new website and Friday getting a call where person offers to make a free website because they need to practise how to do this. Or simply attracting truly beautiful magnificent people wherever you go just because you are truly magnificent.

You can too.


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