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to take REAL, habit changing actions steps for experiencing PLEASURE and orgasmic life that you Love?

I was very lucky to have an opportunity to study and practise sexual secrets of Tao and Tantra in Asia over past 10 years. These practices transformed me, my health, sexuality, and relationships and even simply the level of joy and love in my life. It gave me my desire for life back.


Connecting to your sexual energy doesn’t just mean more attractiveness it also means aliveness in your heart, more inspiration in your mind, and more freedom in your life.


My own transformation made me realize that women need to know these secrets. That this ancient knowledge changes lives!


Women who coach with me or come to my workshops and retreats are changed forever! The beauty and pleasure they discover is contagious and spills over into their family life and professional success, not to mention health and orgasmic pleasure itself.


Knowing that this ancient knowledge would change lives, I became a teacher and a coach for women seeking empowerment and life satisfaction through the hidden powers of this sacred gem called sexual energy. I transitioned from the being paralyzed by fear and living in draining grey and dull environment to being vibrant, colourful, spacious and living an emotionally adventurous and fulfilling life.


Everything I teach is what has worked for me and continues to give me results.


I am known to share real, insightful tools that create lasting transformation both emotionally and sexually. Today is new opportunity for women. Few brave women showed us the way to sexual and spiritual freedom.


Join community of women who are looking to makeover their lives into the adventure they always dreamed of but who once were afraid to take the first step. But now they’re like, screw it, I’m done waiting: my time is now

For limited time I offer one on one coaching. If you are ready to tap into life of pleasure contact me via email to book your first session. Since I am hands on mom to a toddler I only take 5 clients at the time. Message me to see spaces available.

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